Is a machine going to take my job? (Part 1)

by 06 March, 2017 0

Photograph by ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images There is an undercurrent of fear, driven by protectionist political rhetoric, that tells workers that their jobs are disappearing whether it be outsourcing to a low cost alternative jurisdiction or by robots. The question is: “Is this true and do the facts back up the claims?” In recent studies, […]

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Announcing the release of Aventi Answers V1.4

by 15 September, 2016 0

We often talk about our customers as two groups. Our corporate clients and their internal customers. Both of them work hand in hand, and in developing the product roadmap at Aventi we always strive to achieve progress for both of these groups in parallel. When we release a feature, both of our customer groups should […]

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Increasing Internal Customer Satisfaction

by 11 July, 2016 0

While we often think about customers as being the clients of the company that consume the products and services that we produce and sell, we need to consider it’s our internal customers who are key to the success of a flexible workforce program. Internal customer satisfaction creates a desire to actively use the program. Once […]

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