Increasing Internal Customer Satisfaction

by 11 July, 2016 0

While we often think about customers as being the clients of the company that consume the products and services that we produce and sell, we need to consider it’s our internal customers who are key to the success of a flexible workforce program. Internal customer satisfaction creates a desire to actively use the program. Once internal customers realize the benefit to themselves, as much as to the company, there is a sychronisation of effort. The satisfaction levels and the resultant success becomes the driving force for the future.

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There are a number of key components to driving internal customer satisfaction but two of most important ones are:

Effective communication and change management – Ensure that all stakeholders and internal customers are well informed about all aspects of the implementation process. Be sure to answer effectively such questions and comments as “Why are we changing systems when what we have works just fine?”.  Clearly communicate the goals and benefits for both the company and internal customers.

Effective program support – A lot of effort goes into the design, implementation and launch of a new program. It’s important to understand that at launch time there needs to be adequate training and support resources in place and that where to find them and use them has been effectively communicated. In a large organization, Ambassador programs are an effective way to ensure that divisions within the company, whether based on organizational chart or geography, have a visible champion of the new program and that users can put a name and face to a person who will be able to assist when needed. This coupled with cost efficient centralized support resources will ensure a smoother transition and more effective implementation of the overall program goals.

All of this combined with a thorough implementation plan at the outset will create maximum ROI in the shortest time.

As we say at Aventi, Transform to Perform.