Hello! ¡Hola! Bonjour! Ahoj! Merhaba! 你好!Aventi Answers speaks your language!

by 15 November, 2016 0

We are proud to announce that the Aventi Answers platform has become even more international, helping more businesses and their internal customers to get the answers to the questions they need to do their job more efficiently.

We have always had the ability to customize content to any language our clients need and to create a multilingual environment but have now added one new, highly requested, feature.

Many of our customers use English as the common language throughout their organization. However, many of their staff are non-native English speakers and as they had told us, this means that sometimes spoken words can require some extra time to ensure that they are comprehended one hundred percent correctly. This is particularly true with training videos. To this end, we have now added two new ways to enhance our video training materials to make them more accessible and useful to a wider audience.

Sub-titling of videos in multiple languages. All the videos played in the platform can be subtitled in more than 140 languages. All video content is scripted in English and closed captioning is available. From this source closed captioning, subtitles can be generated in as many languages as needed. Aventi is able to provide translation services in addition to the creation of the subtitles.

Dubbing of video content. Simply by recording multiple tracks for the same video, language specific versions can be created. While this in itself is quite simple, when different versions of the videos are loaded into the knowledgebase, they can be referenced based on language specific keywords and grouped based upon language.

So now, whether your customers need

help, ayuda, assistance, pomoc, yardım or 协助

Aventi Answers has the answers when you need them…and now in your language!