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When thinking of Culture it used to be something to do with a country or region and people from a particular place exhibited behaviours from “their culture”.

I read an interesting article the other day which I will link in here that talked about the importance of COMPANY CULTURE and how this is now at the forefront of the most important qualities that makes the difference between great companies and the rest.

One way to summarise it is:

“How do people feel when they come to work? How do they feel when they leave at the end of the day? If people feel good at these moments then they will want to come back the next day and do more.”

It’s more nuanced than this however as, while you want new people coming into a company to be a good cultural fit, it’s equally important to recognise that you also want to add new elements and challenge the status quo along the way in order to grow.

Here are links to a couple of articles which show companies who are known for their focus on culture

and this short video clip, describing what company culture is, and is not.