Optimism 2.0

by 27 April, 2019 0

So, what is optimism 2.0? Is it a new form of optimism? Is it a refined version of the original optimism 1.0? No, it was just a catchy title to get you to read this post! The idea that there is always something new, something better. As strange as it seems there really is always […]

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Luck as a combination

by 23 March, 2019 0

When we think of business, we think that there are a number of factors that play into success. Perhaps luck is one of them but rather than looking at luck as a random event, how about we look at what the combination is and how we can not only create our own luck but have […]

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The Busy Trap

by 19 December, 2017 0

    I have read this title many times over the last few years but until now, didn’t really consider the many facets of The Busy Trap and how, on one hand, we are the creators of our own version of this trap but how society reinforces “busy” as an admirable state of being. At […]

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More time or more effective time?

by 02 October, 2017 0

“I never have enough time in my day to just get things done!” Sounds familiar? You have probably heard it, or said it, yourself. In today’s connected world, with so much connectivity and technology at our fingertips we may wonder why we seem to be getting less work done than we used to “in the […]

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