Customer Success

Our team is aligned to client program goals to deliver continued improvement and innovation which enables clients to get the full value out of SAP Fieldglass

Operational and Technical Support

Implementation of Fieldglass is the start of the journey. We can manage all aspects of support within the program with a 24/7 support team.

Industry Specific Solutions

We work with global companies in many sectors including Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Technology and have the experience to ensure a first-time right deployment of Fieldglass.

Innovative Product Extensions

Depending on your specific industry and business needs, we are able to deliver extensions to the core Fieldglass system to drive efficiency and optimise the end user experience.

Reporting and Analytics

The power of Fieldglass is maximised by turning data into decisions. We visualise your data using business intelligence tools to drive decision making, efficiency and competitive advantage.

Supplier Enablement

We can manage the onboarding, training, and support of your network of external workforce suppliers both during deployment and ongoing.


We design, develop and deliver training to ensure that your internal users and suppliers are ready to maximise the potential of your external workforce program.

Change Management

Our certified experts will ensure effective change management as part of an overall program.

Core Business 
Model Design

We align the design of your core business model and processes prior to deployment to ensure that the implementation of Fieldglass aligns with your business structure and strategy.


All your systems need to work hand-in-hand. Our integration team will design and implement standard and custom connectors to ensure a seamless process.