Announcing the release of Aventi Answers V1.4

by 15 September, 2016 0

We often talk about our customers as two groups. Our corporate clients and their internal customers. Both of them work hand in hand, and in developing the product roadmap at Aventi we always strive to achieve progress for both of these groups in parallel. When we release a feature, both of our customer groups should feel the benefit in equal measure.

With our latest release we feel that we have managed exactly that. We listened to both groups of customers and while we had universally positive feedback for the core features of the Aventi platform, we also had a request for two additional features.

An integrated helpdesk ticketing system. A system that would make the internal customer experience as well as the corporate helpdesk experience be seamless so that internal customers could be tracked from their initial visit, through their search for knowledgebase articles to live agent chat and possibly to raising a ticket that can be followed up later.

The possibility to integrate with existing helpdesk infrastructure. Some of our customers have existing helpdesk infrastructure. They want to be able to leverage the systems they have and to also leverage the existing workflow and knowledge of their staff.

Thanks in no small part to the inherent modular nature of the Aventi platform, we are able to adapt to both scenarios. For our customers without any existing helpdesk ticketing system, the platform comes with a fully featured, enterprise grade helpdesk ticketing system tightly integrated with the live chat. For those with existing helpdesk and CRM infrastructure, we are able to integrate through our API to securely push data to, and read data from, external sources using open standards. We are able to work equally well with the biggest and best known players in the market like SAP and Salesforce just as we can with standalone in house solutions.

Contact us today to talk about compatibility with your existing IT Helpdesk infrastructure.

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