What we do

we design, deliver and support flexible workforce program solutions.

Our Values

We recognize how integral the non-employee workforce is to dynamic global companies.
We apply the same techniques to non-employee workforce program management as we do to the way in which our clients engage with us. We’re there when they need us, we deliver what they need in the most effective and cost efficient manner and create an environment where the ongoing success of the program can be managed internally.

Our Team

The team at Aventi is made up of a group of industry veterans with proven track records in their respective areas of expertise. We ensure that the right people are working on each project based on our clients individual needs but are always applying the collective knowledge of the group.

Collaborative Power

We recognize that each client’s organisation has its nuances and individual requirements.
Our experience enables us to bring the benefits of knowledge gained in working with a diverse set of clients to bear in a collaborative environment that benefits all.



We believe in applying technology to support the simplification of processes to leave more time open for creative thinking and human interaction. Our support platform is a key driver towards this goal and delivers simplicity and seamless integration on the surface while harnessing an evolving base of knowledge behind the scenes.

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